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How much was Musa of Mali worth | mansa musa net worth

 Musa I of Mali internet Worth:

$400 Billion

What was Mansa genus Musa' Net Worth?

Mansa was the tenth Mansa, or conqueror, of the Mali Empire who reigned from 1312 to 1337. he's wide thought-about to be one of the wealthiest historical figures due partially to the number of gold that Mali created throughout his reign. At the height of the Mali Empire, Mansa Musa had a net worth that was definitely worth the same because of the trendy equivalent of $400 billion.

Mansa Musa was born in 1280 and kicked the bucket in 1337 (or probably 1332). He was the tenth Mansa which implies "King of Kings" or Emperor. once genus Musa rose to power the Malian Empire consisted of the territory that belonged erstwhile to the African country Empire. Mansa Musa control titles are reminiscent of Lord of the Mines of Wangara, ruler of Melle, Associate in Nursingd vanquisher or Ghanata. 

He was appointed deputy of Abubakari II who ne'er came from an expedition. Mansa Musa was a devout Muslim who went on a pilgrim's journey to Mecca in 1324. He took 60,000 men and 12,000 slaves who every carried four pounds of gold bars. Musa was accountable for large buildings coming together with mosques and madrasas in the agency and Timbuktu. the foremost illustrious piece of construction throughout his reign was the Sankore Madrasah.

The Richest Human Being Of All Time

once adjusting for inflation, Mansa genus Musa is mostly thought-about to be the richest human being who ever lived. His inflation-adjusted internet value of $400 billion A-one Elon Musk's $340 billion net worth that was achieved in Sept 2021 and John D.

Lineage and Pilgrimage

a lot of what's far-famed about Mansa Musa' history and lineage is taken from the writings of Arab students like Al-Umari, Ibn Battuta, and Ibn Khaldun. Mansa Musa' granddad was Abu-Bakr Keita, who was the kinsman of Sundiata Keita. Keita is taken into account to be the founding father of the Malian Empire. Neither Mansa Musa' grandfather or father, Faga Laye, ascended to the throne nor vie a major role in the history of Mali.

the final follow to become a king in Mali concerned this king appointing a deputy who would lead in his place whereas the king created a pilgrim's journey to Mecca or went on another expedition. genus Musa was appointed the deputy of Abubakari Keita II, the king before him, whereas he went on an Associate in Nursing expedition to explore the Atlantic Ocean. However, he reportedly ne'er came and Musa assumed the throne.

Musa created his pilgrim's journey to Mecca between 1324 and 1325, the journey spanning 2,700 miles. His procession enclosed 60,000 men and slaves who carried gold, and bags and wore silk. He conjointly traveled with an oversized range of animals, together with several horses for the boys and eighty camels who transported many pounds of gold dust. on his way, Musa gave gold to the numerous impoverished voters he met and listed gold in various cities, additionally to assembling mosques along the route. genus Musa generosity

 together with his gold was really counterproductive because the huge inflow of gold in cities like Cairo and Medina caused a major devaluation of the metal and Musa tried to rectify the matter on his journey home by borrowing gold from cash lenders in these cities at high-interest rates. this point in history is critical because it marks the sole time the whole gold trade and evaluation was controlled by one man.


Musa's amazing and remarkable wealth, mainly in gold, became widely recognized for the duration of the region, in huge component as it became so prominently on show at some stage in the pilgrimage to Mecca. In Mali, the subsidized a huge creation and construction program, elevating many mosques and madrasas, consisting of Sankore Madrasah (the University of Sankore), at some stage in his reign. He additionally endorsed city living, as greater human beings moved to metropolis facilities at some stage in his time and he's credited with being a crucial part of the formation of city civilization.

Musa additionally elevated his empire, making Timbuktu and Goa a part of it as he traveled via those towns at some stage in his pilgrimage. He constructed his grand palace in Timbuktu, the Djinguereber Mosque, at some stage in this time with the assistance of Spanish and Egyptian architects. Timbuktu has become a key middle of exchange and subculture in Musa's empire, further to the middle for Islamic scholarship. 

He became additionally dedicated to training and at some stage in his reign, the University of Sankore evolved certainly considered one among the biggest libraries withinside the international with more or less one million manuscripts, rivaling the Library of Alexandria. The metropolis evolved one of these outstanding popularity that trades in southern European towns like Venice and Genoa introduced Timbuktu to their buying and selling routes.


Musa's genuine date of loss of life isn't always acknowledged exactly as it's far a hotly debated subject matter amongst scholars. Given that Musa is recorded to have reigned for 25 years and as compared to the reigns of his successors, a few positioned his date of loss of life in 1337. Others say he died lots in advance and argue that data imply he abdicated the throne to his son and died rapidly after coming back from Mecca in 1325. Yet some other file suggests that Musa became alive at some stage in the development of the metropolis of Tlemcen in Algeria, which came about in 1337.

How much was Musa of Mali worth  mansa musa net worth

Musa I of Mali

Net Worth: $four hundred Billion

Gender: Male

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