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AT&T Net Worth || AT&T Net Worth 2020

AT&T Net Worth

$266 Billion

AT&T total assets: AT&T is an American media communications organization that has total assets is $266 billion. AT&T has had a somewhat peculiar life. The primary rendition of AT&T, which was established in 1885, was parted into the seven "Child Bells", more modest enterprises that controlled media communications specifically in areas around the US, in 1983.

 The previous AT&T, otherwise called the American Telephone and Telegraph Company, had essentially hoarded the telephone market, and the U.S. Government requested the organization to separate. The Southwestern Bell Corporation was one of the seven "Child Bells", and the Bell that got most of AT&T's proprietorship freedoms.

 The organization started to foster cell and versatile correspondences, notwithstanding their landline administration and started purchasing up more modest organizations that were connected with media communications advancement and development. This went on until the mid-2000s, so, all in all, Southwestern Bell Corporation, presently known as SBC Communications, Inc., was very huge. In 2002, SBC bought its unique parent organization, AT&T, for $16 billion.

 It required nearly 12 months for the consolidation to go through, so, all in all, the organization became known as AT&T once more. They then, at that point, purchased up BellSouth, which was esteemed at $86 billion. From that point forward, the organization has proceeded to develop and has centered most of its advancement on new innovations and versatile correspondences. 

AT&T is the biggest landline supplier in the US, and second in the portable arrangement. The organization is settled in Dallas, Texas, and right now utilizes 256,420 individuals.

AT&T Net Worth || at&t net worth 2020
AT&T Net Worth || at&t net worth 2020

AT&T Net Worth:

$266 Billion

AT&T total assets for 2019 were $551.669B, a 3.72% increase from 2018. AT&T total assets for 2018 were $531.864B, a 19.76% increase from 2017

AT&T total assets for 2020 were $525.761B, a 4.7% decline from 2019.

AT&T total assets for the quarter ending September 30, 2021, were $547.107B, a 1.59% increase year-over-year.

AT&T total assets as of June 01, 2022, is $152.42B.

AT&T total assets: AT&T is an American media communications organization that has a total asset is $266 billion.

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